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We're bringing in a New Culture in Agriculture "Bamboo Integrated Vedic Farming"

Rewriting Vedic methodology of Farming with tang on advance technology for Sustainable, Natural Environment & Farmer friendly practices.

First of its kind Farm to Fork Reverse traceability

“VedKrishi”, a Farmer Producer Company, is promoted by like minded Urban Farmers. The founder members of VedKrishi, have been doing farming since long as per individual capacity and expertise. The founder members of VedKrishi, have been knowing each other for more than 7 to 8 years. Having shared common platforms to sell/purchase their farm produce knew about each other’s farming activities also. During this lockdown period, while interacting over WhatsApp some ideas started to float and they thought of coming together and working under a single banner to do something in a bigger and an organised way, which otherwise may not have been possible individually.

Thus “VedKrishi” came into being.


Supply of Pure, Desi Cow Milk and Milk Products like Curd, Paneer, Butter Milk, Shrikhand and Traditional Bilowna Ghee.

Fresh vegetables

In our endeavour to provide fresh & chemical free, direct from Farm Vegetables & Fruits our consumers will get Home delivery of Seasonal Fresh vegetables and fruits.

Agriculture products

Fresh Harvest and Regular Supply of Wheat, Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, All type of Dal & Pulses, , Rice and Grains etc. Hand picked and cleaned will be available with us.


Processed Chemical Free Products like, Pickles, Chutneys, Sauces, Jam, Biscuits, Juices and Squash, Papad & Sevai etc

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Our 5 Working Ways

“हर कदम आत्मनिर्भरता की और”
Quality and Reliable food to Consumers
Sustainable income for Farmers

Why Bamboo Integrated Vedic Farming

  • 01

    Bamboo is one of the fastest growing species on our planet. It grows on almost all types of soil. Soil and Climate wise species are available and can be selected.

  • 02

    Bamboo planted in scientific manner and with proper care, creates its micro climatic zone in very short span of time, around 15 months. This supports other farming activities.

  • 03

    Bamboo helps to increase your Water table and protects top soil of Farm.

  • 04

    It activates and supports microbial activities in the soil, thus improves the soil quality.

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VedKrishi advocates Biodiverse method of farming which creates a sustainable Ecosystem.

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